Trade #3: Custom Epiphone/Gibson Les Paul guitar for Fender Super-Sonic 60w amp head

Not a whole lot to say about this trade. Steve (not his real name) saw the guitar posted on Facebook and offered this amp. I poked around online to see what those models go for, and, at least according to Reverb, it looked like a promising trade if it was in good shape. It looks like these amps go for anywhere from $700-$1,100 when in good condition. I was interested.

I gathered Walker again, my go-to for all things guitar-related, and we set out to have a look. Steve is a retired guy, incredibly friendly, and he had several guitars and a whole stack of amps waiting for us. Wanting to make sure we knew what the Super-Sonic could do, he was sure to play it LOUD.

He loved the guitar, kept raving about how straight the neck was. He played some blues riffs and noodled around, and finally we shook on it (well, we bumped elbows on it. “Ebola bump,” he called it).

Ebola bump to you, Steve. Thanks for the trade, and for supporting the project. (Steve was kind and was sure to tell me that the guitar was overpriced. “That’s… the point, though,” I told him, and he understood. The amp, after all, had just been sitting unused in his basement for a year or so. This was good for both of us.)

1984 Mercier Le Velo line:
Original item value: $200
Number of trades to date: 2
Latest trade: Custom Epiphone/Gibson Les Paul guitar ($350) for Fender Super-Sonic 60w amp head ($800)
Total line value dollar increase: $600
Total line value percent increase: 300%

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