Trade #9: Limited Edition Fender Custom ’68 Deluxe Reverb amp for Upgraded 2012 Fender American Standard Stratocaster

This was one of the tougher trades I’ve made so far, because oh wow were there some great offers. People wanted this amp in exchange for their high-end keyboards, gorgeous telecasters, Mesa Boogie amps, Gibson classics, Bassman amps, stratocasters, baritone acoustic guitars, entire drum sets, mixing equipment, studio recording time, and more. One guy offered a drone, or a bicycle, or a hitchmount cargo carrier (?), or some headphones. It was a very popular item, and I was the belle of the ball.

Ugh. Gorgeous.

Tim (not his real name) kinda stood out. He offered me this super interesting guitar. A Fender American Standard Stratocaster with a 2012 body, a 2018 neck, 2018 Fender pickups, and an aftermarket tremolo bridge from Wilkinson/Gotoh. I loved the look, and from the images he showed me, it was in great shape. After some research on Reverb I was pretty sure this guitar was worth at least a little more than my amp, and Tim was super communicative. He really wanted it.

I mean, really wanted it. I asked him if he would send me a video so I could hear the guitar’s tones, and so he did, but the only time he could record was when his 7-month-old baby had just been put down to sleep. So Tim sent me a recording of the most gentle version of “Crazy Train” I’ve ever heard.

It was so endearing, and while I was also seriously considering a beautiful telecaster I had on offer, the values of the two guitars seemed very similar, and Tim was so enthusiastic. He won out.

And what a guitar.

Last Saturday we met up at a strip mall (same place I test rode the Honda!) and did our social distancing dance. We each wiped down our respective items, carefully switched spots, and examined. The body and neck of this guitar is pristine. Very well cared for and in excellent shape. The pickguard does have some wear, but it’s a guitar that’s been around for 8 years. That’s expected.

I immediately headed over to Walker’s to drop it off so they could make another video for me to use (Walker’s so great), again with all distance observed. They tinkered and toyed and shredded while I washed all the accumulated pollen off of my car and picked up breakfast for us. When I returned, I had a video, they had a pretzel bun, things were good.

Smash that HD button and listen to that guitar *sing*…

I just posted this guitar last night and I’m already getting offers. Metal guitars, hackintoshes, general inquiries… Hoping this one moves fast!

1984 Mercier Le Velo line:
Original item value: $200
Number of trades to date: 4
Latest trade: Limited Edition Fender Custom ’68 Deluxe Reverb amp ($1050) for Upgraded 2012 Fender American Standard Stratocaster ($1250)
Total line value dollar increase: $1050
Total line value percent increase: 525%

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