Trade #10: Ecovacs DEEBOT N79W robot vacuum for DeWalt 20v brushless power drill

DeWalt 20v Brushless power drill

Not a ton to this story, but it’s kind of a sweet one. I reached out to Mike (not his real name) when I saw his drill advertised on Facebook Marketplace. I asked him if he’d be open to a trade for a new-in-box robo-vacuum. Initially he was like, “Awwwww man I really could’ve used one of those like 7 months ago, but I’m set now.” I figured that was the end of it a moved on.

The robot in question (the Ecovacs Deebot N79@ vacuum robot)

But he wrote me again, asking me to confirm that it was brand new and never used. He’d been telling his boss about it, whose wife had been wanting one. We talked a bit more, answered some more questions, made a plan and met up on a Saturday in Pinole. Both he and his boss were there in their work truck, and his boss seemed really happy! This was gonna be a Mother’s Day gift for his wife the next day, and he was pleased. Masked up, wiped our items down, stayed away from each other and made the trade in a Starbucks parking lot.

I’ve been thinking about this trade and I think what Mike did was pretty dope. He had listed his drill for like $150 or something and was looking for cash, but instead of that he traded for a thing for his boss/friend so he’d have a solid gift for his wife. Good guy Mike.

And I was happy with the drill. Nothing fancy, nothing special, just a drill, battery, charger, and bag, all practically new. I guess Mike had picked it up and then soon after got a better drill set.

So, as is ideal in this project, this was a classic win-win, and the line value climbed a little.

Historic movie theater seats trading line:
Original item value:
Number of trades to date:
Latest trade:
Ecovacs Deebot N79@ vacuum robot ($125) for DeWalt 20v Brushless power drill ($150)
Total line value dollar increase:
Total line value percent increase:

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