Trade #17: 2017 Gibson Firebird T for 2004 Gretsch G6120SSU Brian Setzer signature

Less than 24 hours after I posted the Firebird T, it’s been traded.

It’s a gorgeous guitar and I expected there to be interest but, I mean, damn. that was fast.

I posted the Firebird to Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist last night around 9pm. Dave (not his real name) reached out today around lunch, offering his Gretsch. I was initially skeptical, with my instinct telling me to wait and see what other offers I might get.

But then I started researching this particular Setzer model, and I saw the photos Dave sent, and it didn’t make sense to wait. At best, the Firebird T was worth between $1700-$2000. This model Gretsch regularly sells for $2200-$2500. This is as textbook a trade up as I’m liable to find.

And when I met Dave today (at the same little intersection where I traded the Gibson Les Paul Gold Top for the Firebird T!), he told me why. He doesn’t really love semi-hollowbody guitars. He bought it 5 years ago from Guitar Center, played it for half an hour, and then never really touched it again. Dave has 7 Les Pauls. Dave has maybe 23 guitars. Dave does not have any Firebird models.

Another great example of the relative nature of value. This Gretsch would sell for a higher price than the Firebird, but the Firebird was worth more to Dave.

And with that, I’ve surpassed the 10x mark, having begun this trade line with a $200 pink bicycle and now have a world-class guitar to trade.

So curious to see where this goes.

1984 Mercier Le Velo line:
Original item value:
Number of trades to date:
Latest trade:
2017 Gibson Firebird T ($1950) for Gretsch G6120SSU Brian Setzer signature ($2400)
Total line value dollar increase:
Total line value percent increase:

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