Trade #23: Vintage 1976 Fender Twin Reverb with custom road case for 2010 Gibson SG

2010 Gibson SG in faded brown

This one feels a little strategic. It might be my first trade down, and that’s purposeful.

The 1976 Fender Twin Reverb was probably worth about $1200-$1250, given its well-travelled condition and its immaculate heavy-duty road case. It was a bit limiting, though: it was heavy, and it was big. I’m a strong guy, and I can manage moving it around on my own (I’m very mindful of lifting with my legs). And the wheels and casters are smooth and make it about as mobile as something of that shape and weight could be.

But it didn’t fit in my car. Lol.

Having a small two-seater is really fun at times but deeply impractical. Of course, I knew this when I got it. (Minor update on the car: I’ve had lots of offers on it, and a few test drives and close calls, but haven’t yet found the right mutual fit. Alas, I persevere. I’d trade it tomorrow if I found the right fit.) Perhaps needless to say, this giant amp does not fit in an Alfa Romeo Spider Veloce.

So I was limited in my ability to trade it, given that I couldn’t easily bring it to someone, at least not without borrowing or renting a vehicle, which I try to avoid when I can. I also don’t love meeting people from Craigslist at or near my house. So, the amp had me in a less-than-ideal situation.

When Josh (not his real name) wrote me with the SG offer plus a little cash to balance the values, I was listening. He estimated the guitar to be worth around $1100. I think that’s probably roughly right, though with the case and the upgrades, I think the upper end of the value range is closer to $1200.

It’s a beautiful guitar, a style that I haven’t had yet. SG models have those sharp customary horns, and just ooze this aggressive feel about their design.

And it has a Bigsby tremolo and some special Seymore Duncan P-Rails pickups, both professionally installed in Oakland. Not a lot of SGs come with these, so that helps to make this one special.

So here is a beautiful guitar, in very good shape, in a style that is popular and sought-after, from a brand that is widely respected and desired. This is a good trading item to have.

Josh and I met up, outdoors, masked, and carefully distanced. I plugged in the amp and he played the guitar on it. I heard the guitar, he heard the amp. we were both sold. He liked the trading project idea and was happy to support. We also traded band info, and who knows. Maybe one day post-pandemic we’ll meet again.

Walker giving the SG that beautiful demo treatment

He loaded the amp into his van (much more practical than a 2-seat convertible) and I took the SG inside. Even as guitars go, this one is light. I’ve said this before and been wrong, but I think it’s right this time: I think this guitar will move pretty quickly, and I think will breathe some life and momentum back into this project.

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1976 Fender Twin Reverb amp with custom road case ($1200) for 2010 Gibson SG with hard case ($1200)
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