Trade #25: 2010 Gibson SG for 2018 d’Angelico Deluxe Brighton

2018 d’Angelico Deluxe Brighton in hunter green

Look. at. that. color. 😍

The 2010 Gibson SG was, as I’d hoped, in relatively high demand. For those following along, I’d taken a risk by trading down for that guitar. The amp and case I traded away was worth a little more, but I thought the SG would be easy to move, both literally (it’s much smaller and lighter than a giant amp and heavy duty road case) and figuratively (bigger market for a guitar than for an amp and case).

And after a few different offers, Tony (not his real name) sent along this offer. It’s the prettiest guitar I’ve seen in a while.

He explained that he’d purchased it brand new last year but was looking for a guitar with a Bigsby (those, I’m finding, are fiercely divisive features — some seek them out, others really hate them, few seem to fall between these poles). He didn’t mind that the pick guard was different from the original shape, for which I was thankful, because various would-be traders were turned off by that.

Something I liked about the d’Angelico, beyond its immaculate condition and gorgeous aesthetics, is its boutique nature. Fenders and Gibsons are the big names with huge draw, but smaller shops (like Carvin, which I previously traded) have a desirability for collectors, and while there may be a smaller market, it’s often a more fertile one. I’m betting on that, and it’s already bearing out; eight minutes after posting the d’Angelico on Facebook Marketplace, I had an offer.

I’m also heartened by the success this line seems to be having now. This one started as a digital movie projector, and after a few quick trades, it really languished for a bit. I’m glad to see it moving and growing!

Looking forward to seeing what’s next!

Digital movie projector line:
Original item value:
Number of trades to date:
Latest trade:
2010 Gibson SG with hard case ($1200) for 2018 d’Angelico Deluxe Brighton ($1350)
Total line value dollar increase:
Total line value percent increase:

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