I have a new-in-box never opened Deebot roomba-style autonomous vacuum cleaner up for trade. Let me know what you have to offer! Trades only; no cash.

Details below.

From the manufacturer:
The N79W provides an efficient, versatile cleaning solution thanks to multiple specialized cleaning modes, including Max Mode, and an integrated 3-Stage Cleaning System. Use ECOVACS App or your smart home devices to conveniently customize and direct cleanings based on your unique cleaning needs! Three-stage cleaning (sweep, lift & vacuum)

Versatile Multi-mode Cleaner
DEEBOT N79W comes equipped with two side brushes, a main roller brush and a powerful suction motor. This ensures a thorough three-stage cleaning to sweep, lift and vacuum dirt off your floor – whether it’s carpet or hard floor. You can have your DEEBOT clean an entire floor (Auto mode) or a small area (Spot mode) or the edges of your floor (Edge mode).

Powerful Suction for Deeper Clean
Activate the Max mode, which doubles up the suction power on your DEEBOT for a deeper clean, especially on carpets.

Schedule Cleanings
Schedule your DEEBOT to clean any time of the day or week even when you are away.

Smart Home Enabled
Your DEEBOT N79W works with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Simply start, stop or charge your DEEBOT with a voice command.

The ECOVACS app is your gateway to all the features in your DEEBOT N79W. Starting, stopping, charging, scheduling, choosing the different cleaning modes (Spot, Edge, Max) are some of the functions accessible via the app.

Email collin@tradedproject.com for offers and inquiries!

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