***This Vintage Fender Bandmaster was traded for a 1976 Fender Twin Reverb amp with custom road case on 19 December 2020.***

For trade:
I have for trade a vintage Fender Bandmaster amp head with original black face. It’s from either 1966 or 1967.

Details below.

This vintage amp head is in excellent condition. Has a vibrato channel and a clean channel. It sounds amazing, and very powerful. It’s all original except for the following modifications:

  • a raw switch has been added
  • the board caps have been upgraded to Sprague 715’s
  • the grill cloth has been replaced with a fresh one.

It’s been very well maintained. The filler caps were done about 5 years ago.

Let me know what you might have to offer for trade. Open to all (reasonable) offers!

Email collin@tradedproject.com for offers and inquiries.

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